27 October 2006

Airport "Roadfood"?

It may be that I have finally reached my travel limits this fall, but I am starting to see an increase in the quality of the stories - even the fluff pieces - in USA Today. This morning, the McPaper had a story on eating locally in airports, a subject near and dear to my heart.

Travel Globally, but Eat Locally, Between Flights

They list the Salt Lick BBQ in the Austin airport as their choice for that airport. I will add that, purely from an eating standpoint, if I were to ever WANT to be stranded in an airport, Austin is the place that I would want to be stranded. Not only do they have the Salt Lick, but they also have Matt's El Rancho, a popular, local Tex-Mex joint; Amy's Ice Creams, which I will soon feature in their own thread; and a location to pick up my beloved Round Rock Donuts.

On top of all the eating, the Austin airport is relatively small, the rental cars are on-site, and it is located in one area of Austin that is not heavily congested right now. That all adds up to make Austin my current favorite airport in the country.

My preference is still not to eat in airports, except under the most unusual circumstances, but if you are trapped or making a connection, some of the places listed in the article may save you from another run of McDonald's, Dunkin' Donuts or Chili's Too!

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26 October 2006

Where'd Y'Eat?

I started a thread with the same title at my favorite foodie discussion board. It highlights the vast collection of food porn I have collected over the past few weeks. In most cases, I think my photography has gotten exponentially better since I first started taking photos of my food about a year ago.

A friend recently showed me a book that may inspire an idea for myself. Everything I Ate: A Year in the Life of My Mouth is a wonderful "read." Actually, I don't know of anyone who has read it. Most people just look up what the guy ate on their birthday, or holidays and such. I think I can start a blog (keep the giggles to yourself) about the daily food intake for 2007. Of course, my thinking is that I will be appalled at the sheer volume of food that makes it into my trap, and will subsequently eat less. For instance, I would hate to post a week straight (there's that cackling noise again...cut it out!) and have the series contain not a single vegetable. That has been known to happen in my real life, so this may hold me more accountable to what I eat....maybe?

Anyway, I am still just bouncing the idea around. If you have any feedback, or if you found out that someone else is doing this already and has the idea copyrighted and will sue me for 10s of dollars, throw it in the comments section!

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