01 April 2007

Carnival of Dining Out III - Only Fools Rush In Edition

Greetings. I bet you all thought that you would find the April 1 edition of the Carnival to be no different than any of the previous editions - a collection of the best blog posts over the past month highlighting the restaurant choices spanning the globe. BO-RIIIIING. Who would keep coming back - month after month - to read that drivel? Instead....you get this....(as always, divided into handy sections, for your reading pleasure)

From the world of restaurant marketing:
McDonald's Drops 'Hammurderer' Character from Advertising

New Homestyle Chicken Sandwich Shamelessly Promoted

Food statistics:
Meat Now America's Favorite Condiment

Food on the court blotter:
Supreme Court Rules Restaurant Patron Must Try Cheesecake

International (I do always love our intercontinental appeal):
Japanese Exchange Student Taken to Japanese Restaurant

OK, OK. The truth is I had to work today, and I forgot that it was April 1 (and the Carnival was due) until right before midnight. Longtime readers know that posting at this time of day is nothing new, but I am just plain beat and cannot devote the attention needed to get this done properly. So, I will return tomorrow with the real Carnival of Dining Out III, including my course-by-course review of my most recent dining out experience at the famed Olive Garden**. My sincere apologies to those who made excellent submissions and the two or three of you who are anxiously awaiting me to compile said submissions.

**The last paragraph is absolutely and completely and 100% true (except for the part about the Olive Garden thing - come on, now....get real).

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