04 December 2005


This is a site dedicated to all the folks who have asked me, over time, how I have been able to accomplish things. For instance, others have asked how I got the nice rental car, while they drive the ol' 2-door "Speck?" I will tell you. Others want to know how I got the nicer hotel room, first-class flight upgrade, or found the ideal restaurant. I will share.

I will try to stick to discussing topics that I know -- or would like to know about. This may include travel, food, personal finance, my work, pop culture, current events, television, sports, etc. I will leave out the stuff that I know nothing about -- you know, like my personal feelings. You won't have to wade through pages and pages about my personal angst to get to some, hopefully, useful information. On the other hand, if I recently returned from a business trip, I may want to share some information about the great burgers I found in Fort Worth.

The topics about which I post most frequently are listed above, as tabs. The rest of the labels can be found on the right hand sidebar. Poke around. I may have already said something interesting, and you just didn't know it yet. I will try to inject humor (or what passes with me for humor) into what I do here. You may not have the same sense of humor as me, and if that is the case, and you don't like my style, just click somewhere else. The views that I will express are 100% my own and not those of my employer(s) or anyone else. Posts that are someone else's opinion will be clearly stated and properly referenced.

More to come....so, you might want to stick around. You never know when I am going to say something worthwhile. Heck, I don't ever know when I am going to say something worthwhile.

If you are a fellow blogger and would like to exchange links, please drop me an email and we will work something out.

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