28 December 2005

Final Holiday Post of 2005!

Yesterday, I discovered that my beloved XM Channel 107 is no more. I never really listened to an extended amount of Christmas music before, so I wasn't sure if it ended immediately after December 25 -- or stuck around until New Year's Eve?

Channel 107 was one of my favorite discoveries of 2005. XM called the channel "Special XMas" and it was a non-stop playlist of the most twisted Christmas music you have ever heard. I discovered my new favorite Christmas artist. You can keep the Burl Ives and Bing Crosby tunes. I found Dan Hart! Anyone (apparently) can sing "Santa Claus is Coming to Town," but it takes someone special to sing "Santa is a Psycho" and "Santa Eats Little Kids!" Do you see a theme here? How many issues does this dude have?

They also played a bunch from the Star Wars Christmas Album! Yes...it's as bad as it sounds!

I never thought I would be pining for Christmas music for the next 11 months!

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