06 December 2005

Satellite Killed the Radio Star?

I can say with certainty that my absolute favorite purchase of 2005 has been this:

I have only had XM for a few months, but I almost don't remember what life was like before it. I am not really a music junkie, per se. I could get by on what you could find on the radio and, had I never discovered this, I would really have been none the wiser. The real reason for the purchase was XM's agreement with Major League Baseball to carry their broadcasts -- using the local announcers from the home teams. To be honest, I wasn't really sure what I would listen to during the offseason, but it still seemed like a good enough deal.

Well, I have become addicted to the music and a lot of their other content, as well. At this point, I think the only terrestrial radio that I listen to is Howard Stern -- and, as you may well know, that won't be an issue too much longer. I love the decade stations, the Boneyard (Ch. 41), the stand-up comedy (Chs. 150-151), ESPN Radio (Ch. 140), and, my man, Tony Kornheiser (Ch. 152). They also have contracts with the National Hockey League and the Atlantic Coast Conference (including my beloved Tar Heels) to broadcast their sporting events -- enough to keep me going until baseball season rolls around again.

In the spirit of the holiday season, XM does have the requisite all-holiday music, all the time channels. Most of them cover similar fare to what you would find on your regular radio -- classical, popular hits, country, etc. But, Channel 107 -- Special X-Mas (get the XM thing there?) is what gets me right in the festive holiday mood. I can only suspect that this station is being programmed by either 'Weird Al' Yankovic or Dr. Demento. In a relatively short listening period, I have already heard the most bizarre collection of holiday music ever assembled. Tonight, for instance, the highlights had to be Elvis Frogsley "croaking" Blue Christmas. (you know you want to click on that link!) and Herb Alpert and the Tijuana Brass doing their rendition of Sleigh Ride.

This is why I am an XM subscriber. I really feel like they "get me" -- and, really, that ain't easy to do.

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Bobby Brown said...

The Travelin' Man,
After sending you a comment about Continental, I decided to research most of you Blog postings.
I am impressed with the writings I have read so far. This one interests me because it is about electronics, which I have interest in.
It is great to read some real writings, and not all the trash that so easily pops up when a search is done.

Thanks for wise words to read.