17 January 2006


Two posts in a row about television. I need to get out more....

Since I am not out more, I am thrilled that '24' is back on. I am not one of those people who measures the real feasibility of the show -- I just like it for what it is -- the fastest hour on television. The show is consistently well-written and aims for the target audience that watches its fair share of Bond movies. Guilty.

There are a few things that I do have to wonder about (while doing my best to suspend reality):

  • I always figured that Chloe just needed to get a little action and maybe she would lighten up. Now it was revealed that she is hooking up with a co-worker (a subordiante, no less, which HAS to be against some kind of CTU protocol), and yet is still just as bitchy as she was before. My own positive relationship notwithstanding, I have to wonder who would want to sleep with that pouty woman?

  • It sure seems like there is another mole in CTU. Maxwell Smart didn't have to deal with this many double agents. Does anyone do any background checks at this place, or is it this easy to get a job with the government in high security areas?My bet for the mole this year? Bernie Kopell.

  • The President can't really be THAT big an idiot. Well, maybe that is just art imitating life.

  • Apparently, taking some time off from her busy schedule blogging for nhl.com, Elisha Cuthbert will be back in a four-episode arc mid-season reprising her role as Jack's daughter, Kim. Perhaps my wish can come true afterall -- she's come back because Chase's baby contracted the virus?

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