24 February 2006

This better be good...

Yeah, so I haven't posted in nearly a month. I stink. I will try to make some new stuff worthwhile.

My previous post briefly delved into my fascination with collecting airline miles and hotel points. Just this week, I have discovered a new web site to make sure that you get the best reward available for every purchase. You can browse evreward.com by category (all travel sites, for instance) to find the best available discount or mileage opportunity for any online shopping activity. There are SO many sites listed that I had no idea offer any kind of renumeration. Of course, the part of me that is really bummed is the one that thinks of how much I could have received in travel rebates (on the company nickel) that I have never known about. Uggghhh!!!

Some highlights and lowlights of the site -- some of the discount amounts advertised on the listings are not accurate. For example, a search on Wal-Mart, which is advertised at a 9.6% discount, reveals that the best cash back discount is from Upromise.com and is only 4%. On the other hand, it also shows how you can get cash back on a reservation at Hyatt Hotels ($1 per booking through ebates.com) PLUS mileage (or hotel point) earning opportunities. They also have a downloadable feature that will alert you to any savings opportunities that you might be missing, with the opportunity to re-route you through the correct portal.

All in all, this new site, which is still in "beta testing" gets two thumbs up and The Travelin' Man Seal of Approval.

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