23 April 2006

Stuff You Oughta Know...About Stuff That Fascinates Me

Inspired by a post by Madame X, I have always been curious how some people found their way here. There are a handful of people who know me in real life who know that I write here. That number will likely grow soon. There are people who follow links that I post on some "foodie" web sites. But, the real curiosities are the people who find me through a search engine.

So, what things to those in cyberspace want to know that I know? The following is a list, chronologically, of the last people to arrive via a search engine:

free pass to universal studios (these exact words were used twice)
how to get RJ Gators VIG card
understanding fafsa efc computed
hertz five star status
what i wish i knew in high school
fafsa strategy parents
round rock donut calories
how many calories in krispy kremes blueberry cake donut
monument cafe chocolate cake
round rock donuts ingredients
free meal on birthday miami fl restaurants
travel whore
universal studios, "free pass" mail
jewish ramiken
continental elite seating
"Continental Confirmation Number
olin mit admit
living wage uva
travel with kids
Ed Glaze “Gary Larson”
round rock donuts nutritional info
early withdrawl retirement penalty ca pers
doughnut cake tower

The only one that I can't quite figure out on my own in "jewish ramiken", but google clearly knows more than I do.

A few things are plainly evident -- other people are just as baffled as I was when they received a free admission ticket to Universal Studios; people are always on the lookout for a free meal; and I am, in fact, a "travel whore" (easily my favorite of all the search terms that brought folks to my blog).

I wonder about the people searching for the nutritional value of donuts. Donuts have no nutritional value -- THEY'RE DONUTS. For that matter, if you are concerned about the nutritional aspects of donuts, the simplest answer is to not eat them. I don't think we need a Surgeon General's warning here to know that donuts are not health food. How many calories are there in a donut? A LOT! That said, Round Rock donuts are some tasty little morsels, and I don't care about their lack of nutritional value.

I am also more than just a little curious about the those folks who are searching for FAFSA information and filing strategies at this time of year. Please let all of these people be parents of high school juniors. I guess that is way too much to ask. If you are the parent of a senior, FAFSA filing strategies are not likely to help you now -- unless you are being a little proactive and starting on next year. It blows my mind how little information is passed along from most high school guidance offices to parents. I realize that due to my job, I should know more than the average person about this, but it is staggering to think of how much misinformation is out there.

I hope that the folks who searched found what they were looking for....well, except for the guy who was looking for a travel whore.

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