07 December 2006

RIP: Tony's Restaurant; Bridgetown, MO

I hate for this news tidbit to get buried in the comments section of a months-old post, but a commenter posted today that Tony's Restaurant, which lured me in with their "Missouri's Largest Omelet" sign is no more.

I have not been able to find a news article that substantiates the post (not that I am doubting, but I do like accountable sources). In the meantime, I am going to assume that the story is true and I will mourn this omelet (a true bargain at around 5 bucks!) and the pancakes, too.

UPDATE: I have been contacted by the owner of Tony's Restaurant's granddaughter, and she tells me that the fire was attributed to an electrical fault in the kitchen, not a grease fire as the original poster had mentioned. She also tells me that the restaurant will not reopen in its previous location, but that her father is planning on opening a place nearby sometime soon. So long as that omelette makes the transition to the new place, I am there.


danielle said...

Hey... its not opening in the same location. Its opening in st. charles. also they had a fire fighter come and inspect it, and they found out the fire didnt start at tony's it all started in the shoe shop. He had flammable stuff stacked up next to the furnis.. So it wasnt tony's or anything... and if you still wanna know where its going to be i can get the address from my dad....

Anonymous said...

Can you post the address on here so people know? I think this webpage/blog is the only place that google brings up when people search for "tonys restaurant".


Anonymous said...

Up until a year and a half ago we lived about a half mile from Tony's. Enjoyed breakfast there many a times, but we enjoyed lunch even better? They had great specials. Our favorite was the fried clams with two (or was it three)sides and rolls. Yum! And a great price, as well. The veges were not soaked in butter as many places do and they had BRUSSEL SPROUTS quite often. Double yum!! Since we have moved to St. Charles County after being bought out by the airport we were happy to hear they would be moving closer to us! I spoke with a business owner nearby after the fire and he heard that they were opening up in St. Charles County. This is all I could find doing a Goggle search, so I sure hope that someone will post an address and when they will open!! We will be there!!

Anonymous said...

Hey everyone here is Tony's new address. 1009 Walfrum Rd. 636-329-8985. I ate there today, and the food is still great. It's now called Tony's West. South 94 the road pass midrivers.

Anonymous said...

1009 wolfrum rd.

Anonymous said...

Don't bother with the new Tony's West.

I lived down the street from the old Tony's, in Bridgeton, and would eat there often. When I heard it had re-opened in St. Charles County I drove out there to check it out.

As much as I hate to say it, the new place is not the same. I have gone twice. The first time I went it was not very busy, and I had to wait 40 minutes for my food. Today, it was busier and I had to wait 55 minutes for my food. Keep in mind, I am just ordering a couple of eggs, bacon, and toast. The service at the new location is not much to write home about either. The older ladies at the old location were so much nicer.

I apparently am not the only person that feels this way about the new location as I have seen other customers complaining to management about the slow service both times I was there. It's a shame too, because my friends and I loved the old Tony's. You would get great food at a good price, and with great service. I don't know if it is under new management now or what but they never would have made you wait an hour to get your food at the old Tony's. Or at least they would have apologized or seemed to care.

My advice to those of you who loved the old place is to just keep those good memories, and don't tarnish them by visiting the new location.

Anonymous said...

I ate there the other day and experienced quite the opposite. My food was out very quickly and our waiter was the best I have had in years. Sometimes, when a place opens it takes some time to get the right help. I think it is worth the try again!!

Waitress at tony's said...

Ok so to the person who said Not to try the new tony's Dont listen to that guy/Girl..... On the weekends you will have a 45 min. wait. If theirs a 45 min. wait then obviously food isnt that bad. We tell you when you come in how long of a wait there will be. And we always tell the customers after we ring them out that we are sorry for the wait.. My advice is to give us a try and see how it goes from there. To the anonymous before me, thank you for the good comment. Thats what we like to hear. So if you didnt like it, then just give us a try again.. thanks..
(The Waitress)

Nana Spitz said...

For several months two friends and I have been going to Tony's West for breakfast once a week, and sometimes for lunch too. (Chicken and dumplings!!!) Before we found Tony's we had been hopping from one breakfast place to another. This is the best, the servers are friendly and very helpful if you want something off-menu, and the service is fast, even when there is a table of 16 waiting. Everything is delish -- always.

Anonymous said...

I was going there for months and loved the food that the cook Connie made, and looked forward to seeing her daughter Jaclyns smiling face. They just fired the both of them so that their fat miserable daughters could have her hours. Thats wrong! I will not go back there and either will my friends! Who wants to look at those sloppy redneck girls while your eating? They need to wear a bras to work, and jumping on a treadmill wouldn't hurt. Not only that, has anyone else noticed how the older girl brings her new born baby in there and sits him on the floor in the smoking area while her and her gross boyfriend sit and fill their fat faces.

Anonymous said...

In the past two years we have been going to Tonys
West, but we only went during the week when we knew Peggy, Connie, Jeff, &
Jaclyn were there. The food always had good presentation and the waitresses were quick and
fun to talk to. We know the restaurant is in financial trouble because the owner is facing jail
time for crimes listed on
casenet.com Litigant Name
Strantz, Daniel, go to page 3, under Charges, Judgements, & Sentence, case # 0811-CR04886-01, to find out the kind of people you are eating with.
They would make Father Tony
roll over in his grave to
see what they have done to
his legecy. They have fired their family members, now their best employees. We won't be
going back.

Matt&Linda said...

1.) Connie wasn't the best cook i have heard comments on how the food is NOT greasy anymore since she has been gone
2.) Jaclyn only smiled because she thought she could get something out of the men who was eating in their.
3.) i brought my wife in to eat one day just to see what Jaclyn would do and she didn't try and flirt but when i brought her in and we sat at two different tables she tried flirting with me. when we found out that Jaclyn got fired we started going back in.
4.)Jaclyn wasn't any better when it came to the weight thing she could have stepped on a treadmill also. I go in their all the time and i don't think they are sloppy at all. They are very well dressed and so are the other servers when i go in. I see other servers in there on all the days we go in, so you didn't get fired so they could have your job.
5.) Since Connie and Jaclyn have been gone since we have been in, its very nice and peaceful in there. The employees are always up working and not just sitting on the stool with a smoke in their hand.
6.) We have no problem with the wait, or the food presentation it's always great looking and it taste great.
7.) As far as the owner facing jail time, that is not anyone's business. Why does it matter? Why don't you go into any food place and ask all the workers and owners if they are perfect and see who you are eating around. And it's not like the owner did a huge crime and from what we are told it involves what the one employee there did, but went after the owner.
8.) A business fires people for reasons and if you got fired then there was a good reason.

We go in their every week and we have no problems at all. It's a very friendly family owned business and you feel like your at home. Service is excellent and food taste great. Weekends are kind of busy but its well worth it, give it a try. Servers are always smiling and never a day when they are rude. We will continue to go to Tony's West and we will continue to recommend it. Best place in town.

satisfied customers: Matt&Linda