12 January 2007

Announcing the Carnival of Dining Out

I have recently sent articles to the Carnival of the Recipes and the Carnival of Personal Finance. I have searched and searched but could not really find an existing carnival devoted to a combination of my two favorite activities - food and travel. When one travels, one tends to dine out quite a bit. I guess also being a single guy lends more to grabbing a meal in a restaurant than cooking and cleaning, too.

I hope to have a monthly review of all of the best posts related to dining out. If there is more than enough demand, perhaps we can go bi-weekly or weekly, but that is probably a few months away, at the bare minimum.

I will be hosting the first edition on February 1, 2007. Subsequent editions will be held on the first of every month thereafter. Submissions are due by 5 pm ET on the last day of the month preceding the carnival. Posts should be current (*within the month), not submitted to other carnivals, and contain your own original content. Acceptable topics include:

  • Recent dining experiences at a local restaurant
  • Recent dining experiences at a restaurant while away from home on business or personal travel
  • Commenting on your local/national restaurant scene
  • Commenting on the state of the restaurant industry
  • Almost anything else (within reason) that deals with restaurants and dining out
I will admit to having a bias for locally-owned and operated establishments, and when I am hosting, I will give spacial preference to those dining experiences that do not involve national, corporate food entities.

If you are interested in hosting a future edition of the Carnival of Dining Out, please contact me. I will post future hosts here and on the Blog Carnival web site.

*Leniency for the first edition will be considered, as you may have an "all-star" post that was previously not suitable for another carnival. In the future, all articles should be current.

I hope that this becomes successful, and you enjoy reading the articles as much as I will.


Nags said...

wow! this is quite an amazing idea. i cant wait to send in my entry :) hope the event is still on.. wil def send it in before end of aug..

Abi and Chris said...

Hi, I would be very appreciative if you would have a look at this article here: http://chrisfj.com/carluccios-animal-welfare-and-ethics/
It is written by my friend who used to work in the finance department for them and wants to speak out about how she feels standards are bad there. I know you are based in the US but, as you point out, it's hard to get the message out sometimes. Perhaps you could introduce and link to the article or something? Thanks, Chris

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