10 February 2007

Deal of the Day - Free Ice Cream

OK...it's been a REALLY long time since I posted a "Deal of the Day," but this is a pretty good one - and just in time for Valentine's Day! Cold Stone Creamery is giving away free ice cream (really it is buy one-get one, but you're not going by yourself, are you?). I do see the humor in offering free ice cream when most of the country is either digging out from serious snow or cranking up the heater in hopes of bringing their house temp UP to about 58 degrees.

Personally, I think Cold Stone is allright in a pinch, but I am off to central Texas next week, where I will be enjoying a stop at my favorite ice cream joint, Amy's! No one can live on BBQ brisket, alone. These are a few pictures of my previous visit....

This Amy's location is situated in a former roadside motel - hence the "VACANCY/NO VACANCY" signage that is used to express when the store is open for business. Even on a chilly, rainy night, Amy's is a great stop!

The flavors at Amy's are just a little on the unique side. I am told that the Guiness selection is sometimes switched out for Shiner! Pumpkin is likely to be a flavor that was available last time, but not next week.

Amy's hires truly outgoing people who love what they do. Sure, you get the wannabe actors at Cold Stone singing on cue, but these folks are true ice cream lovers that will let you sample everything on the menu (remember, the theme was "free ice cream!") and offer up suggestions as to what ice cream pairs best with which mix-ins. "Lucky Charms" here suggested coffee ice cream with Heath Bar mixed in. It was perfect!

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BTW - the RSS works so everyone sign up for the "updates" feature! Great post and thanks for the coupon!