13 February 2007

Too Late to Apply to College? Not Hardly!

The application deadline has passed at schools like Duke, Cornell and George Washington, but is all hope lost if you haven't even begun to start the college application process? No way. US News and World Report, the folks who write the Bible on college rankings, have compiled a list of schools with late application deadlines and rolling admission.

How did this topic enter my mind? One of my colleagues (another person who works in the ADMISSION office) has a daughter who has not yet applied to any college. This is a smart kid, who, it has always been assumed, will attend the college where her father is on staff (serious tuition remission benefit). The girl is smart - but may be looking for a different collegiate environment, may not want to live (even on campus) so close to home, etc. For whatever reason, she has dragged her feet in getting applications out to colleges - ours or others.

I was amazed at the sheer number of schools that still accept applications - even schools with a posted deadline. There are a handful of schools with application deadlines AFTER we begin Orientation and fall classes. I suppose that is their subtle way of really utilizing rolling admission while appearing so selective as to have a deadline? With such a daunting list, where does one begin? Well, by now, hopefully, you have some idea of the characteristics you want in a college. There are colleges on this list that could still meet almost any student's academic, geographic, social, and faith-based goals. Even the military academies application deadlines haven't all passed yet!

Looking for the larger state university experience? Quality state universities, such as the University of Kansas, University of Houston, Arizona State University, Colorado State University, and the University of Memphis are just a handful of the quality public schools with application deadlines on or AFTER April 1.

There are top-notch private liberal arts colleges, as well. College of Santa Fe, Manhattan College, Marietta College, Lake Forest College, Albertson, and Mercer University all have deadlines on or after April 1.

Perhaps you are considering a specialized school, say, in art, theater, food, or fashion. The Culinary Institute of America (the Harvard of cooking schools!), Fashion Institute of Technology (the Harvard of the fashion world!), Savannah College of Art and Design (the Harvard of....OK, you get the picture!), Johnson and Wales University, and Columbia College (Art, in Chicago) all have deadlines after April 1.

I am a huge sports fan - and I almost made my college choice based on my ability to watch big time college athletics. This year, of the ten schools that made the Bowl Championship Series (BCS), you can still apply to three of them - Louisville, LSU, and Boise State University. You can still apply to nearly half of the current Top 25 Division I men's basketball schools - Pittsburgh, Kansas, Memphis, Nevada, Washington State, Butler, Marquette, Southern Illinois, Indiana, Oklahoma State, West Virginia, and Arizona. From the six major D-I athletic conferences, applications are still being accepted at nine Big East Schools (WVU, USF, DePaul, Marquette, Rutgers, Seton Hall, St. John's, Pittsburgh, and Louisville); eight Big 12 schools (Nebraska, Oklahoma, Oklahoma State, Texas Tech, Iowa State, Kansas State, Kansas, and Missouri); seven SEC schools (Ole Miss, Auburn, Arkansas, Mississippi State, Alabama, Tennessee, and LSU); six Big 10 schools - which many consider to be the most academically rigorous of the major college conferences (Iowa, Michigan State, Minnesota, Indiana, and Purdue); three Pac-10 schools (Arizona, Arizona State, and Washington State); and two ACC schools (Clemson and Florida State).

Of course, you may not have to give up that Ivy dream yet - even if you haven't started the application process. The University of Toronto, sometimes described as the "Harvard of Canada" will accept applications through March 1. Southern Methodist University (SMU), one of many schools that has earned the moniker "Harvard of the South" is still accepting applications, as are Beloit College, the "Harvard of the Midwest;" Embry Riddle Aeronautical University, the "Harvard of the Sky;"Gallaudet University, the "Harvard of the Deaf Community;" and Hiram College, the "Harvard of Northeastern Ohio." Maybe you are not a Harvard Man (or Woman). You can still apply to Samford University, the "Princeton of the South;" or Truman State University, the "Princeton of the Prairie."

In all seriousness, there are a number of excellent colleges out there that are still accepting applications - and many of them will continue to do so right up until the time classes start in August. That said, if you want a solid chance at one of these schools, it could be time to get a move on, as they say. Getting in is one thing - financial aid is something else, and that money will start disappearing quickly.

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Anonymous said...

Hey im 16 and have left school i am just applying to colleges now in the uk i am afraid i am too late should i give it ago anyway , im so confussed can u plz help me as i don't know hat to do as i have been told my chances are gone as i should have applied in january or before .. help