01 March 2006

Free Money!!!

I always wondered what it would be like to yell "Fire!" in a crowded theater!

In a previous post, I mentioned a new site that outlined the best rewards for shopping online through various web portals. While shopping for the best travel deals, as I prepare for spring season, I found that I was missing out on some ways to maximize value from my work travel. So, since a colleague once again asked me today "Where DO you find this stuff?", I figure that I should share with you all.

Ebates.com is one of the most comprehensive web shopping portals on the net. They give you a rebate kickback for every qualifying purchase you make when you link to a store through their web site. The gist of it is that the store pays ebates a commission on your purchase (in the same way that web based advertising works). Most web sites keep this money as their advertising revenue (full disclosure -- when you make a purchase through the Amazon.com link on the side of the page, I get a commission -- so, do that, will you?). Ebates, instead, sends you a check for a portion of the commissions (I assume that they keep a percentage for themselves, but fair is fair).

For the other college admission folks that may read this, know that ebates offers rebates for Hilton, Hyatt, and Sheraton brand hotels; Expedia and Travelocity; and more. It may be possible to get rebates on your hotel purchases, airline tickets, and rental car fees for all of your work-related travel. Of course, since you already know how important my points are to me, you should know that this will not infringe on any other point-earning opportunities. On top of that, you will also be able to get rebates on clothing, gifts, and many other online purchases.

If you sign up through my link, we both get an additional $5 added to our accounts. I hope to have a sizeable check sometime after the end of spring travel -- just in time to spend on summer vacation!

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