26 June 2006

Site Layout Update Redux

Since the last time I posted about this, I changed a few things around on the layout. All of these changes are to the right hand sidebar. Start at the top, and follow along...

  • I added a section for upcoming travel (which, of course, is not up-to-date). If you have suggestions on where to eat or wacky things or places to see, please drop me a note.
  • I created links to all of the active restaurant posts. Currently, it is arranged chronologically. Is it easy to follow? Would alphabetically be better? Some other categorization?
  • I added a section for complete travel logs. The only one posted currently is actually an INcomplete travel log, but will be done soon. Hopefully, I will add some other posts that all have a common thread in the future.
  • I added a Google search bar. You can easily search things on this site or on the whole Internet from right here.
  • I added a "Get Firefox" button. I believe in Firefox, and use it myself. It is light years ahead of IE and Netscape, and less susceptible to virus and malicious code than the other browsers.
  • I added a few more site feeds. Scroll down (assuming your on the top of the page right now) and you will find some standard readers which you can add easily. Let me know if there are others you would like me to add, and I will see what I can do.
And, yes, I added a few new ads. Any money generated from this site (which I assure you is, as of this very moment, zero!) will be used to pay down my outstanding student loan debt. If companies will pay a little to have an ad here, well, so long as it doesn't become cumbersome, I am OK with it. As for Amazon.com, I am also a user. I will not take any advertisements for anything that I would feel uncomfortable sending anyone to use.

Lastly, if anyone would like to exchange web links, please drop me a line. You should have a history of regular posts (at least as regular as my feeble attempt), your content should be somewhat complimentary to mine (and there are enough topics that I cover to make that happen), and you should add my link. Nothing too complicated, but I do reserve the right to tell you to go fly a kite! :-)

Regularly scheduled programming will continue next...

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