20 June 2006

Where Have You Gone, Joe DiMaggio?

Well, Joltin' Joe (or The Travelin' Man, in this case) has left and gone away.

Coo coo ca choo.

I am off traveling the great midwest, and have had VERY limited Internet access to post about my travels. Before leaving, I was buried in last minute work that just had to be done before departure, so I didn't even get to post a "Gone Fishin'" message for my regular following. I guess one of the surprising things that I have learned is that I *HAVE* something of a regular following -- my site meter down below tells me. So, to the three or four of you -- my apologies for bolting out the door without having the bed made.

When I am able, I will share my eating and baseball journeys in St. Louis, Kansas City, and Omaha, Nebraska. I did a few side trips that involved neither eating nor baseball in those days, as well. I have some great pictures from the St. Louis Zoo, the Chihuly exhibit (also in STL), Grant's Farm (as in Ulysses S. Grant, the "Worst President in the History of the United States," as told to me in high school), as well as some decent food porn from the phenomenal restaurants that I have managed to hit along the way.

No baseball today until 4 pm CT, so I may get a few other posts in -- still waiting to get all the pics together for the travel log.

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