03 July 2006

Delta Offers Similar 25,000 Mile Bonus

I mentioned in a previous post that United is offering 25,000 bonus miles through Rewards Network (formerly iDine). Delta is offering a similar deal -- one that I think is a little better. The gist of their deal is that if you do 25 qualified dines of $25 or more before the end of the year, they will give you 25,000 bonus miles. United's deal required you to spend $125 per month, every month, until the end of the year to get their bonus. If you don't spend the $125 one month, then you get no bonus. With Delta's deal, they don't specify when you need to do your 25 dines, just that you need to have 25 done by the end of the year.

I don't always spend $25 per meal, especially when I dine alone for work, but I have worked out a way to take advantage of deals like this anyway. It really only works for places where you do some repeat business, but it is a handy tool. Instead of paying for your (under $25) meal with your registered credit card, purchase a gift card/certificate for $25 and pay for your meal with the gift card. You will get the remaining balance to spend next time, and you will meet the requirement for a $25 dine.

I am still hoping that American will kick in with a deal of their own. Remember to register for this deal BEFORE you dine out to qualify!

Hat tip to Free Frequent Flyer Miles.

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