12 July 2006

One More Thing...

A few days ago, I gave you five reasons why the World Cup is dumb. Leave it to FIFA to not let a sleeping dog lie, and add fodder for a solid SIXTH reason why the World Cup is dumb!

Monday, one day after the exciting (yawn) final match between Italy and France, FIFA awarded their MVP, called the "Golden Ball" to Zinedine Zidane. You might remember Zidane as the player who scored France's goal in the final match on a penatly kick. Of course, if that is how you remember Zidane, you are the only one, and you obviously turned the game off at the end of regulation time. The rest of the world remembers Zidane as the guy who headbutted an opponent after an exchange of words late in the extra time session. The rest of the world's last sight of Zidane was of him walking out through the tunnel, just underneath the World Cup trophy. The rest of the world - at least, the rest of the world that has an ounce of common sense, would think that awarding the tournament's highest individual honor to a man who was kicked out of the final match with the game on the line would be insane.

Not FIFA. And, not the media who covered the matches (they were the ones who voted on the award). Major League Baseball should make sure that anyone who participated in that vote doesn't also have a say in the upcoming Cy Young Award balloting. I hear Jason Grimsley could be a longshot candidate to win!

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