18 July 2006

Site Layout Update

Due to the number of restaurant links, the "Stuff You Oughta Know About Where to Eat" section has been resorted alphabetically. You can now easily find any restaurant review sorted by State first, then City, then restaurant name. I am up to 29, and I would be doing a lot better if I could just remember to bring my camera with me when I leave the house once in awhile!

There is a new section in the sidebar called "Stuff Lots of Other People Think You Oughta Know (discussion boards)." These are links to discussion fora that I frequent, at least as a reader, sometimes as a poster. There is a wealth of information contained therein, and the best way to approach as a new user is to search first, ask second! Each of those boards has a wealth of archived knowledged and many frequent posters who generally help out newbies.

My "Upcoming Travel" section has been updated to reflect my next travel down to south Florida for a week at the end of August. I haven't posted the cities to which I will be traveling for work in the fall, because a lot of that travel is up in the air.

Lastly, the newest link in the "Stuff Other People Think You Oughta Know" section is for my pal Dave's site. He describes as "The Official Site of All Things Dave." It is new, so check it out, if you like.

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