12 July 2006

Is 'The Eel' the New Mole?

News came out this week that Peter MacNicol will be joining the cast of '24' for the upcoming season. Word is that he will be playing a "high-ranking government official." This is a good fit for me. I love '24' and I have loved Peter MacNicol since I saw him in 'Chicago Hope' as in-house counsel, Alan Birch, affectionately referred to as "The Eel."

'Chicago Hope' was a well-done show with an excellent cast (Mandy Patinkin, Hector Elizondo, Adam Arkin, Mark Harmon, Christine Lahti, Thomas Gibson - before he met Dharma) that most definitely began trolling the shark-infested waters the day The Eel was shot and killed. 'Chicago Hope' never recovered.

I hope that The Eel doesn't meet the same ugly fate that befell last year's new "star" addition, Rudy!

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