30 July 2006

Hello, Yeah, It's Been Awhile....

....not much, how 'bout you?

With apologies to both England Dan and John Ford Coley, I realize I have been pretty neglectful lately. There will be some good posts coming up, as I am typing this from Pittsburgh, PA in the middle of a four day weekend, covering four cities, four baseball games, and 500 miles of travel. As a matter of fact, as I glance down at the clock, I am EXACTLY in the middle of this trip -- two cities down, two to go, and my flights gets back home just before midnight late Monday.

So far, things are not going quite as planned. My outbound flight was delayed over 2 hours, negating my planned dinner in Cleveland. I slept in a little longer than I planned today, so my trips to the Cathedral of Learning at the University of Pittsburgh and the Andy Warhol Museum were scrapped. I suppose I needed the rest, but vegging in the hotel for the better part of the morning was not what I had in mind. I was also supposed to meet up with an online friend from Roguefood.com for lunch, but I guess she was called in to work and couldn't make it.

No worries. I am enjoying this trip immensely, so far, and things are shaping up to get better tomorrow. I am meeting up with two college recruiting friends in Baltimore, and I am very excited about my first trip to Camden Yards in 10 years. I am also anxious to replace the memories of my last trip there. My overriding memory is that it was the place where I broke up with one of my favorite ex-girlfriends (heck, SHE invited me to a baseball game!). My appreciation of different baseball stadiums wasn't quite as refined then, either, so I am curious to see where Camden Yards, often highly regarded from most folks who have been to a few stadiums, rates with me.

I wrap up this trip with a day game in Philadelphia on Monday afternoon. There's still a lot to do - including a four-hour drive tomorrow morning - and 5:30 is going to come around quickly, I suspect. I hope to have posts upcoming on frugal vacationing (or, more appropriately, properly using your resources for a vacation); where to eat in the 'Burgh, Charm City, and Philly; and why I don't think I will ever cheat on Hertz again!

The only teaser pic that I have right now is this one...and it is only because I hope this dolt who walked in front of my camera got nice and blinded.

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Anonymous said...

Hey Mr. Travelin' Man,

this still your blog? you still post here?

please post something. we (your loyal readers) miss you.